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Theme Days

Our theme days are a great excuse for everyone to dress up and have a good time! You don't have to spend hours or fortunes making or buying costumes in advance, unless you want to, as the children will be able to make outfits and props during camp. Happening once a week, these days create a great atmosphere on camp! So whether they've always wanted to be their favourite Sports Star Princess Pirate or Superhero

...their dreams can come true during theme days!

Theme Days


7th April - Calendar Events

Come and celebrate your favourite calendar event of the year. You could dress up as Santa's elf, Rudolf, a ghost or a witch. Or you could get into the spirit of Easter by dressing up as the Easter bunny. Whatever your favourite, let's celebrate it today!

13th April - Back to Front Day

This one's easy! Today everything is going to be topsy turvey and a bit unusual. If you put your t-shirt on the wrong way round this morning, just leave it on that way because today we're wearing our clothes back to front!

21st April - Colour Day

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue! Let's make camp extra colourful! You could dress up all in one colour, or see how many different colours you can include in one outfit. It's sure to be a bright day, come rain or shine!


21st July - Superstars!

If you fancy being a pop superstar then get your microphone and sparkly outfit ready. If you want to be a rock star then gel your hair into a Mohawk and let's jam. If your favourite footballer is your idol come in their team colour - today is your day to be a superstar.

28th July - Best Story Ever!

Bring to life the pages of your favourite book by dressing up as one of the characters. Maybe you fancy being Horrid Henry or The Worst Witch? Or if you're a Harry Potter fan you could come as your favourite Hogwarts student. We hope to have a real mix of characters at camp.

4th August - Mad Hats!

Get your craziest, most colourful hat on as today we're wearing mad hats. You could be inspired by Alice in Wonderland and come as the Mad Hatter himself. Or come as a white rabbit, just don't be late!

11th August - Initial Day

Today you can dress up as whatever you like, just make sure that what you dress up as begins with the same letter as your name. Maybe Billy will come dressed as a bumblebee!

18th August - Billy's Birthday Bash

Today at camp we're joining in with the celebrations for Billy's birthday! Get in the party mood by putting on your best party outfit and maybe a party hat too - anything goes! Let's give Billy the best birthday ever!

25th August - World Festivals

Today we're looking at different festivities from around the world. Have you ever celebrated Eid, Diwali or Hanukkah? You could get into the spirit by wearing the national clothes of a different country or some nice bright colours to represent the festivals of light.

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