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Skills Builders

DEVELOP SPECIAL SKILLS Skills Builder courses combine excitement and expertise, and are a fantastic way for kids to develop important life skills such as swimming, road safety, self-confidence and problem solving! Whilst your child is with us you can choose to enrol them in one of our specialist courses and trust us, you'll see their independence grow!

Skills Builders

BOOKING A COURSE You don't always need to pre-book Skills Builder Courses, but we recommend that you do as places very often sell out on our popular courses. We have a limited number of spaces on each course so our staff can ensure every child taking part gets maximum attention. Skills builder courses can be added to any week long booking during both Easter and summer.


Lab Rats £40 (Ages 4½- 8years)

Whether it's making foaming volcanoes, constructing model bridges or creating bouncy balls, our Lab Rats children love this FUN scientific course! Five structured sessions full of wacky experiments to capture and stretch their imaginations! It's geeky and educational, but most of all, because it's Barracudas, it's FUN! (Max 8 children per group)

Lab Rats

UpStage! £40 (Ages 9+ years)

If your children are destined for the stage or simply love to perform they are going to love our Upstage Skills Builder course. Over the week they will develop their talents, increase their confidence and have a lot of FUN! The drama based workshop covers improvisation, mime, mask movement, stage make up and character creation. Watch out Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, new stars are emerging! (Max 10 children per group)


Swim School £50 (Beginners)

Swimming is one of the most important life skills children can learn and what better way to provide that with our 'learn to swim' course! With five structured sessions a week to build vital skills and water confidence this course is perfect for beginners looking to make a big splash in those early stages of learning. Qualified lifeguards and instructors will be right by their side every step of the way developing the child's self-belief and ability! All children need is their costume/trunks and towel and we'll provide everything else! (Max 5 children per group)

Swim School
Motor Mania

Motor Mania £45 (7-13 years)

If your children are mad about motors they'll love our Motor Mania course! Whether tearing across the tarmac or gliding across the grass, your children's driving skills will be put to the test in our fantastic selection of quad bikes and go-karts! As well as all the racy stuff they'll learn about road safety, signals and basic mechanics in five one hour sessions each week. All the safety gear is included so don't worry they won't need their own racing leathers (!), but they will need to have long trousers and sleeves. (Max 5 children per group)

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