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Roaming Activities

Roaming Activities

Sheer excitement On top of our jam-packed programmes we have our fab roaming activities which will never fail to crank up the FUN! When these large pieces of equipment roll up to camp as a surprise there is always an enormous amount of excitement amongst the children (and staff!). On one day, every week, at every camp these brilliant activities will create an extra buzz and cover a wide range of skills and abilities.

Let see what's in store...

GIANT INFLATABLE ASSAULT COURSE This 30ft assault course has everything! - Pillars to duck under, dive over, climb around and then a huge slide at the end!

INTERACTIVE DANCE MATS These arcade-style mats will get the children moving, especially as they are filled with their favourite current songs and cheesy classics!

RODEO BULL The rodeo bull is our ultimate adventure ride! You are in control of how you want the bull to rock; it's up to you to knock the rider off!

DEMOLITION BALL Four player's stand on podiums, swinging a ball to try and knock their opponents off. The winner is the last person standing!

BUNGEE RUN An ultimate classic and head over heels of fun! Two players are strapped to a bungee cord and must compete to get as far down the track without getting launched back!

CRISS CROSS ZORBING The children climb into a padded plastic ball and race down a giant track. Feeling like a hamster is surprisingly brilliant fun!

WIPEOUT This says it all in the name and gets your heart racing! Eight players stand on podiums waiting for the sweeper arm to come round, making the right decision to jump or duck is crucial to how long you will last!

AERO BALL Everyone loves a ball pit! Four players have a section to guard and keep out as many balls as possible!

UNDER PRESSURE Great to play as a team, the children need to move a floating ball from one end of the inflatable to the other using only jets of air

Opportunities Our roaming activities provide great opportunity for children to experience and try a new activity during their time with us. When these amazing pieces of equipment show up on camp and we see the reactions on the children's faces, we know we have succeeded! It also means that you as parents get the most for your money - a win, win situation!

Bungee Run Bungee Run

Rodeo Bull Rodeo Bull

Zorb Ball Zorb Ball

Demo Ball Demo Ball

Wipeout Wipeout

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