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Protection Plan

CPP is there for the unexpected things that sometimes crop up. We all know they happen and when they do it's important that you're not left feeling out of pocket. Therefore you can cancel right up to the last working day before your child's first day at camp (in any given season). No fuss, no reason, no proof - all you need is the CPP.

CPP also gives cover for illness once camp has started, and if your child is ill and misses some of their days with us you can claim a refund. You can even claim for brothers and sisters who miss the same days as the ill child, as long as they have the CPP.

It's great cover and brings you complete peace of mind for only £3 per day. Your full refund is for all of the days missed. The only thing you won't get back is the CPP premium.

Peach Of Mind for only £3 per day

For cancellations before camp we just need an email from you. Claims made after your child has started their first day at camp (in any given season) need to be supported with a doctor's note and the claim must be made before 26th May 2017 for Easter bookings and by 29th September 2017 for summer bookings.

For full details and a greater understanding of how the Customer Protection Plan works, please see our Terms & Conditions.

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