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4½ - 6 year olds

4½ - 6 year olds

Includes all children who are still 5 years old or younger on the 31st August

First and foremost, you'll want to know that your young child will be well cared for and looked after whilst at the camp. With this in mind, we have a maximum of 24 children in a group who are led by an Early Years trained member of staff, plus two assistants, giving a ratio of one member of staff to every 8 children.

Mighty Mighty Minnows

Each child is unique and individual so before camp we'll send you an Early Years 'All About Me' form (electronically) that asks a few questions about your child to make their start of camp as smooth as possible and ensure we can provide the best care possible for them. Tell us if your child is nervous, needs help at lunchtimes, about their water confidence and ability with scissors, along with anything else relevant for your child's care. On their last day of camp, you will get the form returned with some feedback about their time with us.


We have a carefully prepared visual timetable with pictures rather than words, so the children can easily see and choose what they'd like to do. They get to try most of the activities that the older ones do, but with smaller equipment for smaller hands, and with more frequent breaks. They also have their own special base rooms too, where they can 'Explore 'n' Play' with lots of additional equipment for their inquisitive young minds.

Don't worry if your child can't remember all of the fun stuff they've done each day, we'll email you in the evening with the day's timetable so you can see. There's also the opportunity to speak to your child's group leaders at the end of the day, if you wish.

Explore ‘n’ Play!

An example day for 4½ - 6 year olds

An example day for 4½ - 6 year olds

5-6 year olds

We keep the structure that these young children need with groups still at a maximum size of 24 with three staff. This group are normally starting to develop more of their own personality, self-awareness and a stronger sense of belonging to the group or team.

As these children have been at school for a while they're normally ready for a little more independence. We feed their appetite for being more grown up by developing their activity programme by using small sided team games, activities that require hand-eye co-ordination and more innovative creative activities.