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11 - 14 year olds

11 - 14 year olds
Try New Activities

When it comes to the 11-14 year old group at Barracudas it's this group that know the way and shows the way! These groups normally have up to 28 children with two members of staff.

You're able to take part in all of the awesome activities on offer at your camp and there's a great sense of teamwork as you try all sorts of new stuff. Whatever you choose, you'll be immersed in activities that challenge you both physically and mentally, where our staff will help you develop new talents and interests.


We understand you're an individual with your own set of values, but are also keen to be part of the group! Through a variety of activities you'll develop your interpersonal skills and build bonds with others in your group who have similar interests - these are often lasting friendships which continue beyond camp too.


Have Fun!

An example day for 11 - 14 year olds

Age 11 Example Day