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Summer 2013

Across the 2000+ responses to our parent questionnaire there were some common queries and we hope the below will answer many of them for you. 

The timetable would be more useful the day before and not at the end of day.

We send the timetable to you at the end of the day so you can see what choices your children have been offered. We are concerned that if we send you the planned timetable rather than the completed one, factors beyond our control would lead to many changes and any discussions you had with your children over activity choices could lead to disappointment.

It would be good to see the areas the children will be using in a tour of the site, especially the baserooms.

We understand that for first time users, the uncertainty of where your children will be all day can be unnerving for both you and the youngest children. Although we can’t have hundreds of parents wondering around the site on Monday morning, we are very happy to show you around the site at another time. Simply book a tour with a manager the week before (except for the first week we open!) or during the first few days of the booking. They will show you where your child’s belongings are kept and give you a tour of the camp. You will also be able to see some of the activities going on as you go around.

Additionally we have a video ‘Arriving at Barracudas’ on our YouTube channel ‘barracudascamps’ which shows you what happens during this time.

I would like more feedback on how my child got on each day, a verbal report.

If your child does not settle, please be assured that the Manager will call you. Our staff will involve your child into an activity straight away so any hesitations are quickly forgotten. If at the end of the day, you would like to speak to the co-ordinator of their group, please just ask. As long as they are still on shift they will be happy to come out to the collection area and chat with you further. If the timing does not suit your arrangements, simply ask for an appointment, we often find our staff are only too happy to boast about what their groups have been up to!

Please offer sibling discounts.

We don’t offer sibling-only discounts as it is restrictive instead we offer multiple week rates for friends, siblings, cousins or simply children who are joining us for more than one week; our lowest price this year was equivalent to £25.80 per day on the multiple week rate (or £22.90 for new sites).

We also like to reward commitment, which is why we contact our previous customers first with the best offers in November. As the best discounts are taken, the amount of discount we can offer is reduced, hence the price increases. Booking early will guarantee the best rates and the widest availability.

Once booked, you can change dates (as long it is more than 7 days before your child starts camp and we are not full!) and with our CPP cover you can cancel your booking before it starts for a full refund, you can also pay monthly with our Interest Free Easy Payment Plan.

Early booking = lowest prices, flexibility on dates and the ability to spread the cost;
A WIN:WIN:WIN situation!

We need more weeks/holidays!

We review the number of weeks we are able to offer each year through agreement with our host schools. Many schools need an empty site to complete their own projects or allow teachers in for planning etc. therefore in some cases this means the number of weeks we are open for changes each year.

Unfortunately in order to maintain the high quality service and wide range of activities we offer, it is not possible for us to prepare camps for less than an eight day period.

You will be the first to know all the dates we are open in 2014 when bookings open mid-November.

Fancy dress on Friday is great but please give us more notice.

We know last minute fancy dress can be a pressure busy parents simply do not want! The themes and dates for each Friday are set from the beginning of the year and the themes are picked in the hope that they are easy to put together. You can find them in the brochure (electronic versions are accessible from our website) and the themes are also listed on the website separately under ‘Activities/Extras’.

It would be good to see some photos of the children actually doing the activities.

This year we uploaded hundreds of photos to our Facebook site. You do not need to have a Facebook account to view the photos, but if you want to keep up to date with our latest news and exclusive offers please LIKE us here!

My child would like to do XXX as a session.

 We have had some great suggestions for additions to the timetable, thank you! We will explore all these ideas and a few of our own and will release all the updates and news in November when the 2014 season opens for booking! You’ll hear about it first!