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Could you be a Group Booking Co-ordinator?

To save money! If you get a group of 4-7 children, with one child new to Barracudas, booking at least one week each, you can all save £5 off the weekly rate. If you get 8 or more children, with two new children to Barracudas, booking at least one week each, you can all save £10 off the weekly rate.

Credit for future bookings! As a Group Booking Co-ordinator if you meet the criteria and book 4-7 children you will receive £25 credit for 2017, 8+ and you will receive £50 credit for 2017.

Simply call Becki on 0845 123 5299 for a Group Booking code, pass this onto everyone you know who is interested in sending their children to Barracudas this summer. When the time comes to making a booking ensure everyone quotes this code. (Please note this is only applicable for summer bookings).

The discount will not be applied at the time of booking. If you reach the requirements to qualify we will deduct your discount for you and anyone who quoted the code just before the balance due date on Friday 1st July. If the requirements are not met by the balance due date the discount cannot be applied. We will let you know in June if you have not met the criteria by then to give you some time to speak to more parents. The discount can only be applied to full week bookings, not day passes. Once the Group Booking Co-ordinator has signed up only bookings made after this date will be accepted and no discounts will be applied on any bookings made after Wednesday 29th June.

After speaking with you on the telephone we will also send you a Group Booking email that will contain your personal Group Booking code. Upon request we can also send you some leaflets to distribute to your friends and family.

Additionally, use these tips to build your group
1. Consider all the places you meet other parents;
-Sports Club
-School playgrounds
-Scout based groups (Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Scouts, Cadets etc.)
-Soft play areas
-Music lessons
-Your own place of work

You probably already chat with many other parents and many may already send their children to Barracudas. However if they have not yet booked for the summer, they will benefit by using your Group Booking code.

2. Social Media
Barracudas have 35+ locations, so you probably have friends and family in other areas where we have a camp. If you share your code with them they will also be able to benefit when making their booking at other venues.

Terms and conditions.
Discount can only be applied to any new summer 2016 bookings. Bookings of between 4-7 children must have a minimum of one new child in order to receive the discount. Booking of 8 children or more must have at least two new children. If Group Booking Co-ordinators fail to adhere to these terms, bookings will be charged at the rate at which it was purchased. Discount will be applied on the 3rd July providing requirements have been met. Discounts will only be applied to full week bookings (Monday-Friday). Once the Group Booker has signed up, only bookings made after this date will be accepted. Offer available from the 3rd February. All Group Bookings are subject to availability. Discounts are applied to the current weekly rate at time of booking.